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L'IMMOBILIARE.COM® is pleased to give voice to its Members/Partners of the Network in order to highlight the various reasons and advantages that each colleague has found in Business Networking.

Because joining the L'IMMOBILIARE.COM Network means to benefit from competitive and real advantages that make the difference not only thanks to the services offered, but also - and above all - to colleagues of proven seriousness. (click on the images for details of the interview).

Elisabetta Sabia Member of l' Capaccio Paestum (SA)

In 2020 I joined the Network because I believe it is an excellent, well-known and reliable brand. I immediately had the opportunity to collaborate with highly experienced Real Estate Agents colleagues throughout the national territory. I also appreciated the numerous services made available to the agencies of the circuit, such as training and the numerous activities that are periodically promoted on the social channels to give greater visibility to the brand and to the real estate agencies at local level. Go to Meeting Point.

Elisabetta Sabia
Monica Bellagamba e Ketty Guerriero Member of l' Lainate (MI)

Undoubtedly, the name of the Grimaldi Family inspires confidence in customers and so far, thanks to good business agreements with the group's partners, we have obtained a discount on the use of a new management software and on the advertising site. Very useful are the meetings that the group organizes, for example the course held by Gianluigi Sarzano in Milan. We are still at the beginning...let's say we are at the beginning, but we immediately realized that here collaboration among colleagues counts a lot: we found everyone very willing to help us and a rare spirit of collaboration. This helps a lot in everyday life and unfortunately in the Italian real estate sector is difficult to find. Go to Meeting Point.

Monica Bellagamba e Ketty Guerriero
Luigi Pepino Member of l' Bolzano

Joining the Grimaldi Family Real Estate Network was simply a reconfirmation of a choice made back in 2008, when for the first time I approached the world of real estate franchising. In those years many franchises were being born and it was not easy to choose one. I remember the thing that struck me most of all was the fact that it was not necessary to simply sign an affiliation contract, but you had to be selected, first by the supervisor of the area and then by Mr. Grimaldi himself. This helped me to understand the importance of joining a group of serious people who, even if over the years have had to change their appearance returning to their historic brand, have always maintained high those are the fundamental principles on which the company was born as "Seriousness and Transparency". Go to Meeting Point.

Luigi Pepino
Domenico Corradino Partner of l' Catanzaro

After nine years of activity, in the light of the demographic increase occurred in my neighborhood thanks to the impulse given by the presence of the University and the consequent positive fallout on the economy of the city, last year I decided to diversify the activity by adding the brand L' of which I knew the professionalism and reliability. Go to Meeting Point.

Domenico Corradino
Anna Parisi Member of l' Torino Santa Rita

My activity as a Real Estate Agent began over 30 years ago and in the 2000s (through friends/colleagues) I got to know the brand and the members of the Grimaldi Family. With them I immediately established a working relationship and mutual respect that continues today. In 2011 I followed the Grimaldi family in the new project of the Network L', which has maintained the same values of quality, seriousness and competence. Go to Meeting Point.

Anna Parisi
Gianni Fozzato Member of l' Verona Borgo Trento

After 20 years of activity, I chose to join this network because it is formed by professionals with many years of experience, who love to collaborate and share, to give added value to colleagues but especially to customers. Moreover, it is a group that never imposes choices but proposes them and the member/partner is free to accept them or not. Go to Meeting Point.

Gianni Fozzato
Vincenzo Cirulli Member of l' Milano Porta Romana

Our success is therefore achieved through the success of our customer. The answer, the result of 20 years of life in the real estate market, is realized in our Real Estate Market Center in Milan, through the tools and services we provide, among the most modern and innovative, gathered under the historic brand L'IMMOBILIARE.COM: information on the real estate market, trends and changes, interaction then again listening that leads to the best solution, real estate mediation and counseling, home & building renovation, home staging and virtual design. Go to Meeting Point.

Vincenzo Cirulli
Stefano Colzani Partner of l' Milano Lanza

I have been operating in the central area of ​​Milan since 2014, over time I have developed the idea of ​​joining this Circuit as a Partner, carefully evaluating the pros and cons. Objectively I have not found any against, I found instead a well organized structure, with a very interesting training program, a Network where the people who are part of it are not mere numbers but are truly part of a valuable project. I really appreciated the human side, but by paying close attention to the point I realized the real value of this group, precisely the quality of the fellow real estate agents who are part of it. Go to Meeting Point

Stefano Colzani
Salvatore Lombardi Member of Napoli Chiaia

In September 1987, when I approached the world of real estate brokerage, or that of real estate agencies, I came from a more "rustic" way of interpreting the world of the mediator. However, I soon realized that only the demonstration of professional ability and reliability could break down the distrust of those who then turned to intermediation. There was therefore a need to take on a role that rewarded beyond one's abilities, a highly renowned corporate image. At the time, joining the Grimaldi group was a new approach for me to consider this work, an organization, and a synchrony of actions which replaced the improvisation we had up to that point.
Certainly the awareness that training and character harmony between people and the company was of great importance to me. This harmony had been created in past years with the historic members of the Grimaldi family; the elegance, the grace of action that distinguished the brand and the coat of arms created with the preparation, professionalism and reliability of the operators are a great added value. Last summer I felt the will and desire to return to this "modus operandi", which I found in those who knew this original corporate spirit, which the people of the L' Network still keep alive. Go to Meeting Point.

Salvatore Lombardi
Piero Tosi Member of l' Busto Arsizio (VA)

I chose L', the historical brand of the Grimaldi family, precisely because I wanted to maintain that "old style" seriousness and professionalism. An imprinting that surely started from Mr. Augusto Grimaldi who was an incredible person who fully reflected these characteristics. I think it was the fact of having strong values in common such as the search for maximum transparency and fairness to both customers and colleagues as well as the awareness of belonging to a family that has made the history of the national real estate market. Go to Meeting Point.

Piero Tosi
Dario Di Meo Member of Roma Parioli

I had the opportunity to get to know the Grimaldi family's real estate network and the professionals who are part of it. I appreciated their approach to the world of real estate, made of seriousness and care. In a certain sense I consider my business as an artisan laboratory, where I can put to good use the skills and experiences gained over the years, with the same scrupulousness of a craftsman. The experience in managing properties and customers developed thanks to SoloAffitti (leasing is cyclical and relationships with customers are long-lasting) has taught us that the key is loyalty; to obtain it you need to work seriously, putting the customer's interests first. This is the approach to the market that we also wanted to propose in sales, supported by a network like that of L' which is on the same wavelength as us. Go to Meeting Point.

Dario Di Meo
Mirco Calza Partner of l' Castelmassa (RO)

I immediately appreciated the "philosophy" and the purpose of the network, so I decided to join as a Partner to give more visibility and prestige to my agencies by putting the brand L' alongside mine. During my time with L' I had the pleasure of sharing my experience and especially my real estate portfolio with experienced and qualified colleagues located throughout the country. I have been able to count on their professionalism and collaboration, guaranteeing my clients greater visibility even outside of the locations where I operate. Go to Meeting Point.

Mirco Calza
Vincenzo Mellucci Member of l' Caserta

I chose to join a Real Estate Franchising that could support me in professionalism and sharing. But times change and a few years ago I realized that Franchising no longer satisfied me, I needed to feel independent but at the same time I wanted to remain tied to a brand of value and recognized nationally. I met the reality of l' and I immediately fell in love with it. I found an innovative method of "Networking", transparent and professional that allows me to collaborate with professional and experienced real estate agents throughout Italy. Go to Meeting Point.

Vincenzo Mellucci
Gianluca Tognazzi Partner of l' Certaldo (FI)

We have chosen to place side by side to our agency (well known in the local area) a brand of national level. This has also allowed us to take advantage of commercial partnerships of great interest for our business. What we appreciate most is the training calendar that offers Events, Courses and Workshops for professional updating throughout Italy. Go to Meeting Point.

Gianluca Tognazzi
Filomena Crognale Partner of l' Lanciano (CH)

The desire to distinguish ourselves from other real estate agencies for professionalism, seriousness, solidity and experience, has pushed us to make this choice: these are all values ​​that both the Spronelli family (SoloAffitti) and the Grimaldi family (L' have always boasted, and in which we recognize ourselves. Go to Meeting Point.

Filomena Crognale
Franco Bartolomei Member of l' Roma Prati

I married this network also because of the freedom of operation it allows us. My area is the client... their properties and all their needs. I always try to be a point of reference for all their problems regardless of location. Precisely for this reason, having a constant comparison with colleagues of the Network near and far from my office, in the same city or elsewhere, serves to increase the wealth of experience that I use to convey the utmost professionalism to the customer. Go to Meeting Point.

Franco Bartolomei
Antonio Baldassarre Member of l' Cologno Monzese (MI)

In fact, I started my activity of buying and selling by introducing myself on the market with my name (Studio AB - Consulenze Immobiliari) being however already known on the territory because already present since 2006 with the agency Solo Affitti. I came to know about this opportunity from Solo Affitti itself and after deepening the project with the Grimaldi Family I decided to join the group "l'" for the following reasons: seriousness of the project (network, support, tools); importance of the name "Grimaldi"; possibility of wide collaboration with colleagues of the Network. Go to Meeting Point.

Antonio Baldassarre
Silvia Cocco Member of l' Tortoli (OG)

I got to know the brand through colleagues, personally I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Grimaldi, and I immediately understood that within the group we could have an edge, and so it was. I think it was a great professional opportunity to share questions, possible issues, or tax / legislative updates with other colleagues. Go to Meeting Point.

Silvia Cocco
Giovanni Lugli Member of l' Milano Cinque Giornate

I started in this profession in 1996, and after the first few years of working my way up the ladder and several years of self-employment - although I participated in MLS groups and Trade Associations - I felt the need to have someone around me, to find a sense of belonging to a group that was visible, well organized and of a certain cultural depth. For these reasons I chose !!! Go to Meeting Point.

Giovanni Lugli
Alerte Zanardo Partner of l' Oderzo (TV)

In terms of services, what I appreciate the most is the training. I think that in order to be always at the top and to be recognized by customers as serious and prepared real estate agents, training is one of the fundamental aspects on which you cannot skimp. I must also say that I was immediately contacted by a colleague of the Network who proposed me a collaboration and I, in turn, was put in touch with colleagues outside the region to meet the demands of our customers. I believe this is a very important service and in a sense it reassures me because I can count on the fact that the real estate agent with whom I will collaborate is a serious, fair and competent person. I also appreciate the fact that the forced closure of this period has not stopped us and that webinars have been organized, which I was very happy to attend. Go to Meeting Point.

Alerte Zanardo
Ugo Apruzzese Member of l' Milano Abruzzi

It was a natural choice, born from the need and desire to offer our customers a 360-degree service. The real estate investor who decides to make his own property profitable needs to have a professional at his disposal who can best assist and advise him in every phase of his investment, including the delicate one of the sale or purchase of a property . For the agency, offering this opportunity also means diversifying the business sectors and allowing us to obtain greater sales volumes. With L', from the first contacts, we immediately understood each other and found great harmony and common vision. Go to the Meeting Point.

Ugo Apruzzese
Massimiliano Dinoi Partner of l' Trieste

We wanted to identify the presence in a national and prestigious group, but that would allow us to maintain our specific and recognized identity. Therefore, the formula Partner of L' has fully met our expectations: on the one hand, the pride and benefits of being chosen to be part of a prestigious group such as the Grimaldi family, using all the opportunities for collaboration that arise, while on the other hand, keeping intact our identity, both in terms of image and of names and brands. I believe that in this day and age, collaboration is indispensable, along with a series of complementary services that I have found within L' Go to Meeting Point.

Massimiliano Dinoi
Amedeo Giammarco Partner of l' Roma Monteverde

For some years now there has been an active partnership between Solo Affitti and L' for the joint development of the network. Following some events organized jointly by the two brands, I was able to appreciate the quality of the L' network. On the other hand, many of our clients often asked for our attention in the field of buying and selling: they had had positive feedback from the experience of managing leases through our agency and would have wanted to entrust us with their properties for buying and selling. Turning our attention to the brand L' was a natural consequence also in the perspective of actively developing the acquisition of new customers interested in buying and selling. Go to Meeting Point.

Amedeo Giammarco
Carmen Magalhaes Partner of l' Milano Romolo

The partnership with L' has allowed me to develop my idea of real estate agency, with an approach free from known schemes and with a very personal project. We focus on customer care from the acquisition phase but also dealing with the management, with personalized advice and providing a 360° service on the property. Go to Meeting Point.

Carmen Magalhaes

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