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For Renting

Choose L'IMMOBILIARE.COM® means relying on professionalism of a brand on the market since 1965. Our network consists of seriously professional, able to provide a free real estate advice to establish a coherent market valuation.

What does it mean to rent with safety? Simple: earn, always and in any case, from the rented property. Owning a home is a safe and profitable form of investment for an owner. The agencies of L' (*) - thanks to the agreement with SoloAffitti® - take care of making this income fixed, punctual and continuous. With the SoloAffittiPAY service, in fact, the SoloAffitti spa group pays the rent and ancillary charges every month, punctually on the 15th. And this always happens and in any case, even if the tenant who is inside the property stops paying. With SoloAffittiPAY the owners have as financial tenants a solid group, highly capitalized, with a history of over 25 years, which annually develops an aggregate turnover of more than 30 million euros. Renting with SoloAffittiPAY gives every owner the security of earning.
Because if it is true that today finding a tenant is very easy and fast (the rental request clearly exceeds the offer) it is also true that finding a referenced person who can then pay on time means carefully analyzing the sources of income, the rent ratio. / income, don't get overwhelmed by personal impressions. The tenants that SoloAffitti proposes are carefully selected, certified on the basis of precise criteria and guaranteed by the coverage of the safe renting package.

The real estate agencies L' (*) - thanks to the agreement with Solo Rentals®- Even for tenants, SoloAffitti represents the safety of a group that deals with renting with professionalism and competence, offering housing solutions that fully satisfy the specific needs. A proven working method through which to obtain the certification of qualified tenant to rent a house and have the guarantees offered by the SoloAffitti group.

(*) For agencies Member / Partner participating in the agreement L'® - SoloAffitti® (as of 01/12/2022):

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