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Choose L'IMMOBILIARE.COM® means relying on professionalism of a brand on the market since 1965. Our network consists of seriously professional, able to provide a free real estate advice to establish a coherent market valuation. The old brand of the Grimaldi Family returns today renovated maintaining the values ​​and the guarantee of reliability that has always distinguished. Contact a professional of our Network means relying to a consolidated operating method:

CARD SERVICES L'IMMOBILIARE.COM: Born from the need to give the customer the confirmation of professionalism of the Network members and the ability to check the consistency of the services received. And 'possible to find it on show in the network agencies and is available on the national website and on local microsites.

FREE EVALUATION AND IDENTIFICATION OF THE BEST MARKET PRICE: Thanks to an accurate knowledge of the local and national market, the professional will provide a real and timely assessment of the property

PROCUREMENT OF DOCUMENTS: Nature of ownership and any easements, land, legal and financial, verification of management fees and service, energy and noise certification.

ADVERTISING PROMOTION: Thanks to our long experience, we are able to program the most effective advertising and promotion in newspapers and trade publications, both print and online. To advertise on the web all properties that have been entrusted to the circuit we have our national site appealing graphics and easy to use and the local mini websites of individual agencies (for more targeted advertising on the local area) . The property will also be advertised, thanks to important agreements on major portals in the industry (eg,,,, etc ....) . We are also present on the main social networks (, with institutional pages and pages and profiles of individual local agencies to give more visibility to the group, and accordingly to real estate proposals.

MARKETING: buyer's selection through customer inquiries generated by the software and management of the negotiations until the signing of the proposed purchase. The visits to the property are made on selected customers and accompanied by our consultants. Assistance and coordination of the parties until the closing of the sale or lease

REPORTING AND ASSISTANCE: We ensure to provide periodic reports on its activities and on the ongoing negotiations. Upon request, we will be provided with information on the assignment: events, comments and any negotiations, following you until the notarial deed.

Entrusting this task exclusively to our Network can be seized also of the other operators in the area through the online database.

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