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Requirements and Contract

L'IMMOBILIARE.COM® proposes to professional realtors, the innovative Business Networking Contract; the real alternative to the real estate franchise. A contract by light cost, no entry fee, no obligations or particular constraints, which values ​​the ethics and professionalism of those who chose to join our Network.


  • The Member formula provides for the license to use the brand and signboard
  • The Partner formula provides for the license to use the brand alongside a "local" brand used and recognized in the territory


  • Enabling the activity of the Business in Mediation Agent (required)
  • Constitution of legal entity, capable of working in the field (mandatory)
  • Not less than 30 years Age (preferential)
  • Experience of not less than 10 years (preferred)


  • No special conditions required of the premises or the furniture, though in line with the blue-gray color scheme of our logo-mark
  • the premises are taken care of, pleasant and comfortable


  • Renewable three-year duration
  • Advance Withdrawal 6 months in advance without penalty
  • No non-competition agreement after the end of the relationship
  • No Entrance Fee
  • Quarterly advance billing
  • No adjustment istat
  • National Website, Agency website and personalized e-mail
  • Using the software "recommended"

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