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Real Estate Networking

L'IMMOBILIARE.COM®, innovative Real Estate Network, offers a real alternative to the Real Estate Franchise, offering customers a quality service, which was, is and will always be synonymous with reliability and transparency. This tradition began with the Grimaldi family in 1965 wants to be maintained and renewed with the Real Estate Networking that is rooted in the values ​​and skills of the people who constitute it.

L'IMMOBILIARE.COM arises on the property market with the ambition to maintain balance its ties with the past, but with a visionary look into the future of real estate services, always oriented to the concepts of quality and customer satisfaction. Inspired by thirty years of experience of those who devised the Real Estate Franchise in Italy, the real estate networking is different from what today offers the ordinary franchise market.

Our network is based on simple and basic concepts:

  • Share a personal ethic, the respect to the customer and colleague
  • Share consistency between the "mean" to be professional and "really be"
  • Share a common brand, a symbol of our way of being in the eyes of our customers
  • Share modern communication tools, to dialogue in network and out of network
  • Share national and local advertising spending
  • Share business opportunities with institutional customers that you can reach

Thanks to an ethical and sustainable model we want to grow with peace of mind, we carefully select the professionals who are part of our own Network to guarantee those who are part of it, we want to offer innovative and quality services without coercion, and we want to invest together with our networker on the network and for the network. That's why those who believe that "being together" to mean "share", will find in our way of doing Networking the right balance between being self-employed and be part of a innovative group.

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