10 suggestions for selling

1. Not always the "DIY" is a good and quick solution; It could lead to a big loss of time and money.

2. Rely on a qualified professional and prepared, carefully evaluated the products and the services that each market participant can make available.

3. Select one and only one responsible operator. Give "verbally" the power to sell more real estate agencies is more unfavorable than useful to the sale.

4. With the agent, be clear! Explain calmly and transparency, the reasons for which you decide to sell, your needs and concerns.

5. The property: together with your agent, carefully examine the positives and less advantageous aspects of your property to sell.

6. Noted the existence and provided, if requested, all technical documentation and building on the property, or in charge of providing a professional.

7. Arrange the legal documentation with the property and coming titles.

8. Please keep aware the agent who assists you and the potential buyer of all essential conditions for the sale, in particular on the state of extraordinary works on the building, both those already made and those to be performed.

9. If for some reason you change the conditions, manner and timing of the sale, make them now also known to your agent.

10. Always bring forth your concerns and feel free to ask questions to your professional. The sale is made for you and with you.